Detention of women’s rights activists casts shadow over China’s parliament meeting

China detains five women's activists who planned a demonstration against sexual harassment.

China’s growing panda population is fragmenting, and that’s a problem

Roads, hydro-power plants, railways split panda groups; mines and tourists disturb them.

China’s feminists stand up against ‘misogynistic’ TV gala

Widely watched TV gala contains many jokes at women's expense, but attitudes may be slowly changing.

In China, Oscars ceremony touches nerves over Hong Kong, Snowden

Common's mention of Hong Kong protests strikes raw nerve in China.

Why Internet users all around the world should be worried about China’s Great Firewall

As China's Great Firewall grows steadily higher, risks of hackers seizing control of computers and smartphones abroad are rising.

Chinese officers caught feasting on an endangered salamander

After they were caught, they beat the reporters who went undercover and recorded them.

No Mark Zuckerberg, you are NOT Charlie, argues Tibetan writer

Is Facebook responding to Chinese pressure by deleting posts in order to curry favor with the Communist Party? Or are dissidents making a fuss about nothing?

No models draped over cars, no cleavage on TV in new, ‘moral’ China

Glamorous models are banned from Shanghai Auto Show and cleavage has been cut from TV drama.

China police inadvertently admit to buying malware to spy on citizens

One police department spent $24,000 on malware to spy on citizens' phones.

China censors criticism and reporting of Shanghai’s deadly New Year stampede

Authorities restrict independent reporting and intimidate critics, casting doubt on chances of credible investigation.

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