Indian prime minister’s monogrammed suit sold for near $700,000 at auction

A wealthy businessman in India has bid around $200,000 for the famous — some would say infamous — suit.

Obama’s remarks on religious intolerance in India provoke outrage

The U.S. president said "acts of intolerance" in India would have shocked Gandhi.

What Delhi’s air pollution says about India and climate change

The air in New Delhi is the worst in the world, according to a World Health Organization report last year.

Here’s what Narendra Modi’s fashion says about his politics

What Modi's style says about his politics.

Stripped of duties, controversial Indian diplomat defends conduct

"I haven’t done anything wrong," Devyani Khobragade said.

Why a Communist dictator may be the world’s most popular leader – at home and abroad

He presides over a one-party state that silences its critics ruthlessly. But China’s President Xi Jinping is not only wildly popular in his own country, he could be the most popular world leader globally, a new survey shows.

A small village in Nepal is set to make the largest animal sacrifice in the world

More than 1 million people have descended upon a remote temple in southern Nepal in recent days, where thousands of animals are set to slaughtered starting Friday.

Deadly showdown at Indian guru’s compound reveals dubious side of the country’s ‘godmen’

Sant Rampal is just one of the many Indian mystics who have questionable pasts.

White House losing Twitter war to India’s Narendra Modi

Although he has only been India's prime minister for about one month, Narendra Modi has already beaten the White House -- on Twitter.

India’s ruling Congress party suffers a near fatal blow. Here’s one reason why.

Here's one partial explanation for the Congress Party's total humiliation.

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