8 harsh ways to deal with Arab violence, as proposed by Israel’s ruling party

The measures are aimed both at preventing attacks against Israeli citizens and allaying the feelings of insecurity felt by Israelis over the past few months.

Abbas’s speech might be a watershed moment in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Observers say the aging, isolated president of the Palestinian Authority may have a few surprises in store during U.N. speech.

This is life in Gaza right now

The clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinian militants in Gaza are at their worst since the violence that erupted in 2012.

Powerful raw video shows Israeli airstrikes on Gaza

7 tweets that show the escalating tensions between Israelis and Palestinians

The situation in Israel and Palestine is escalating after three Israeli teenagers were found dead, following the death of a Palestinian teenager.

The dueling narrative over missing Israeli teens — now on Twitter

Israelis and Palestinians are now clashing on social media.

How Scarlett Johansson got mired in one of the Middle East’s touchiest controversies

An American celebrity gets stuck in one of the Israel-Palestine conflict's most sensitive issues.

  • Max Fisher
  • ·
  • Jan 30, 2014

The one quote to make sense of Ariel Sharon and his legacy

"Would I rely on the world with respect to the Jews? No. I don’t rely on anyone in this matter."

  • Max Fisher
  • ·
  • Israel
  • ·
  • Jan 13, 2014

The divisively unanswerable questions of what it means to be ‘pro-Israel’

How an argument over the American Studies boycott broke up a pro-Israel panel – even though all four members agreed they opposed it.

  • Max Fisher
  • ·
  • Dec 17, 2013

The Middle Eastern snowstorm, viewed from space

An amazing NASA satellite image shows snow across the region.

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