How the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is playing out on the soccer pitch

Palestinian soccer officials are attempting to get Israel blacklisted from the sport's global governing body.

Israel remembered terror victims today, but honoring Palestinian teen burned alive by Jews proved controversial

Mohammad Abu Khieder's name was removed from a national memorial shortly before an official ceremony.

How Kayla Mueller’s pro-Palestinian activism led her to Syria

Mueller volunteered with the pro-Palestinian International Solidarity Movement.

The Gaza cease-fire that never was, in 9 tweets

After days of rockets fired into Israel and missile launches into Gaza, there was hope to an end to the conflict between Israel Defense Forces and Hamas. Unfortunately, that hope was quickly eradicated. Here's a breakdown of what happened:

Israel’s prisoner swaps have been far more lopsided than Obama’s Bergdahl deal

They have been far more lopesided than Obama's Bergdahl deal.

To perform or not to perform in Israel? Here’s how it went for 10 Western artists.

Here's how it went for 10 Western artists.