Moscow’s sphinx meets with Egypt’s new czar

Russian President Vladimir Putin landed in Egypt on Monday, calling on fellow strongman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sissi

‘Not as skinny as Obama, like Putin is okay.’ China censors schoolboy’s suggestion that Xi lose weight

Nine-year-old jokingly observes that China's president might like to lose some weight, but censors don't get the joke.

Why a Communist dictator may be the world’s most popular leader – at home and abroad

He presides over a one-party state that silences its critics ruthlessly. But China’s President Xi Jinping is not only wildly popular in his own country, he could be the most popular world leader globally, a new survey shows.

Why is Vladimir Putin’s coat draped on China’s first lady?

The Russian president proved at a world summit Monday night that his irrepressible masculinity also has a suave side.

Britain back to a familiar role: American wing-man in Europe

The ‘Special Relationship’ had been in doubt. The Russian threat has changed that.

Russia said it moved its troops away from Ukraine. Satellite images seem to say otherwise.

United States Mission to NATO tweets new images that appear to show more troops, not less.

This map shows how Russia’s military relies on Ukraine

An important relationship for both.

Meet the ‘nobodies’ who said no to Putin

Donetsk separatists are now defying Moscow and Kiev.

Why May 9 will be a date to watch in Ukraine

"Victory Day" especially fraught in a conflict with echoes of World War II.

This is the ribbon that Ukrainian nationalists want outlawed

The St. George Ribbon has become a sign of pro-Russian separatists.

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