The Oscar Pistorius trial: Africa’s O.J. Simpson?

How accurate is the widely accepted analogy?

The powerful stories behind the six best news photos of 2013

World Press Photo announced their winners for photos of the year. Here's what they say.

People also thought South Africa wouldn’t be ready for the World Cup

Worries that South Africa couldn't finish hotels in time turned out to be wrong. Is Sochi different?

China crafts a pro-Beijing image for Nelson Mandela

State media is attempting to shape a friendly legacy for the South African leader.

Stephen Colbert explains why it’s weird when Americans call Mandela ‘Madiba’

"Those of us in his inner circle, of course, called him Nutella."

‘The last great liberator’: Why Mandela made and stayed friends with dictators

The South African leader remained a friend of fellow liberation leaders, even ones who'd been anything but.

Eulogizing Mandela, Obama celebrates and scolds

President Obama remembered a personal hero Tuesday.

A glimpse of South Africa’s racial progress

In my year and half there, South Africa looked to me like a constant miracle.

A South African’s guide to when it’s okay to call Nelson Mandela ‘Madiba’

When is it a show of respect and when is it appropriation?

9 questions about Nelson Mandela you were too embarrassed to ask

Who was he? How did he end apartheid? Why does it matter?

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