Le Monde says this PowerPoint slide reveals massive U.S. spying. The NSA says that’s wrong.

Read the controversial document at the heart of this week's NSA scandal.

  • Max Fisher
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  • France
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  • Oct 29, 2013

Spaniards are less productive, constantly tired because Spain is in the wrong time zone

Spain's odd time zone, a hold-over from World War Two, is fueling worker inefficiency and hurting the economy.

Spain’s train crash was a rare aberration for Europe’s ultra-safe rail system

According to the European Railway Agency, trains in the E.U. are about 28 times safer than cars, and fatalities are rare.

Witness to Spanish train crash: It ‘sounded like a thunderstorm,’ bodies ‘on the ground everywhere’

"It felt like a thunderstorm, like an earthquake with rocks falling, a very strong blow."

  • Max Fisher
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  • Jul 25, 2013

Horrifying footage of the Spain train derailment that killed dozens

Footage captured by a security camera shows the speeding train derail at a curve.

Map: Which of the world’s monarchies allow female royal succession

The remaining royal families are about split on the issue of whether to allow women to the throne, with some debating it heatedly.