Why a Communist dictator may be the world’s most popular leader – at home and abroad

He presides over a one-party state that silences its critics ruthlessly. But China’s President Xi Jinping is not only wildly popular in his own country, he could be the most popular world leader globally, a new survey shows.

Chinese tourists’ bad manners harming country’s reputation, says senior official

A vice premiere says Chinese tourists are hurting the country's image.

The surprising shopping habits of China’s growing middle class

Single's day, Warrior Shoes and Chinese foodies.

  • Olga Khazan
  • ·
  • Jan 1, 2013

Here are the rare photos of Xi Jinping posted on a Chinese fan site

An anonymous fan site posted rare early photographs of Xi and his family members.

China: Self-immolators and their abettors will be charged with murder

A new law is China's heavy-handed reaction to the wave of self-immolations in Tibet

  • Olga Khazan
  • ·
  • Dec 6, 2012

China’s party congress choreographed with tiny black stickers

It was as though all the arrangements could have been undone by some poor soul simply standing in the wrong place.

Water: The next challenge for China’s new leaders?

Water shortages may put an additional drag on China's slowing economy

  • Olga Khazan
  • ·
  • Nov 15, 2012

Chinese netizens are using English to mock China’s political climate

What "Wall-e" and "Smilence" mean to Chinese Internet users.

  • Olga Khazan
  • ·
  • Nov 14, 2012

What it’s like to use the Internet in China

During its big leadership transition, the Chinese government keeps watch online.

  • Olga Khazan
  • ·
  • Nov 8, 2012

Ai Weiwei sees hope for China in social media

The dissident thinks sites like Weibo are changing the dynamic of China's government, one tweet at a time.

  • Olga Khazan
  • ·
  • Nov 2, 2012
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