Is al-Qaeda’s Yemen plot actually about preventing the group from splitting apart?

One theory holds that Zawahiri is attempting to reassert control over a network that's pulling at the seams.

  • Max Fisher
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  • Aug 6, 2013

This map of U.S. embassy and consulate closures raises more questions than it answers

Why would so many Mideast diplomatic buildings stay open, while four in sub-Saharan Africa be closed?

‘Girls are the world’s forgotten population’: Nine facts about child brides

Millions of girls are married off to adult men every year. They often face much more than you might expect.

  • Max Fisher
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  • Nigeria
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  • Aug 1, 2013

Child marriages: Video of pleading Yemeni girl is just the tip of the iceberg

Eleven-year-old Nada al-Ahdal escaped two arranged marriages, but millions of other girls do not.

Al-Qaeda’s Inspire magazine celebrates Boston bombings

The glossy, English-language publication also calls the London knife attack the "dear price" of Western oppression and the Oklahoma tornadoes a sign of divine wrath

Here’s the story the AP suspects led to sweeping Justice Dept. subpoena

The news agency strongly suggests it may about identifying the source for a story that could have compromised CIA work in Yemen.

  • Max Fisher
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  • May 13, 2013

Today’s Reads: An awkward moment in Kabul, the ‘Invisible Children’ comic book

Drama at the Bolshoi, cross-cultural weddings, more