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Sequester 2013

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Mr. Obama and Congress should work to end sequestration

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

Mr. Obama and Congress should work to end sequestration.


Obama budget proposal would boost spending beyond ‘sequestration’ caps

(Carolyn Kaster / AP)

The plan is the opening salvo in the budget battle, now an annual ritual and a symbol of dysfunction.

Obama to propose spending $74B more in 2016 than mandatory spending cuts

The president’s plan would end the sequester by spending $74 billion more than the caps Congress mandated four years ago in an attempt to reduce the federal deficit.

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Obama to call for rolling back sequester; Ebola czar leaving next month; Keystone cloture vote this afternoon; Mo. Auditor Schweich announces for governor; House GOP interviewing for CBO director.


Virginia’s unemployment rate drops to lowest level since October 2008

The drop puts the jobless rate at 4.8 percent, ahead of the national rate of 5.6 percent.


Could suburban Maryland usurp Northern Virginia as the region’s economic powerhouse? Economists weigh in on five trends we could see this year.

(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

The Washington economy continues to struggle following sequestration. Can it reinvent itself in 2015?

How Congress is crippling our tax collection system, in charts

Congress’s insistence on gutting the IRS has already resulted in more headaches for taxpayers and, eventually, will likely necessitate higher statutory tax rates to make up for the government’s declining ability to collect revenue.

Ben Sasse is smart: Focus on the real spending issue

Listen to Ben Sasse: It’s time to stop fixating on the small stuff and go after entitlement spending.

Defense spending bill passes, sequester must now go

The National Defense Authorization Act passes but the sequester cuts to the military must go.


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