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Sequester 2013

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Kasich vs. defense hawks on Pentagon budget

Kasich is out of step on defense spending.


Here’s how D.C. business thinks region should react to painful sequestration

(Pete Marovich / Bloomberg News)

Private-sector and civic leaders urge governments to craft a plan to cope with historic budget cutbacks.


McAuliffe promises more money for education in spending plan

(Bob Brown / AP)

In a budget speech, the governor said state finances are on the mend, but he warned of federal sequestration.

Bush is right: End the sequester for the military

Get rid of sequestration and set budget priorities


A failure to govern

(Melina Mara / The Washington Post)

Congress — and the presidential candidates — should get serious about governing.

Cloud of sequestration looms over D.C. region

Among all states, Virginia may have the most to lose if Congress allows another round of sequestration cuts this fall.

Was Bernie Sanders really lying about the effect of budget cuts?

Sen. Sanders made an important point about the economic damage done by sequestration. It risks getting lost in a gnarly argument about nomenclature.

Sanders’s fuzzy math on ‘enormous jobs losses’

The Democratic presidential hopeful adds one plus one and gets three.