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Chase bank Web site suffers outages after Bank of America site problems

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The online site for Chase Bank was dealing with outages Wednesday, just a day after the consumer site of Bank of America reported similar problems.

On the company’s official Twitter account, the JP Morgan Chase community relations team said that “ is experiencing intermittent issues. We’re working to restore full connectivity & apologize for any inconvenience.”

A company spokesperson was not immediately available for comment, and it’s unclear how many people were affected by the outages or whether the problems had been resolved.

On Tuesday, Bank of America site also experienced outages on its consumer banking Web site, which was unavailable to some of its customers. Bank of America confirmed on its Twitter feed that there were site problems. A company spokesperson was not available for comment.

On Tuesday an unverifiable statement was posted on the Web site Pastebin that threatened to target the Web sites of Bank of America and the New York Stock Exchange in retaliation for an inflammatory online video clip, “The Innocence of Muslims,” which has set off protests and attacks across the Middle East. The statement said attacks will continue until the film is taken off the Internet.

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