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Is the United States a good investment?

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Washington is a mess, with a government shutdown and debt-ceiling shenanigans. The rest of the world can’t figure out why we’re doing this to ourselves. Five years after the financial crisis, the economy still hasn’t fully recovered. Median household income is back to 1989 levels, and some scholars argue that the era of rapid economic growth and rising living standards is a thing of the past.

So, should you bet on America? Are the things that ail the American economy passing problems that make it easier to buy into the nation’s future growth at a discount? Or are they more fundamental problems that aren’t going away anytime soon? As Ezra Klein put it, is America a bubble?

For investors, this is a practical question: How much of your portfolio should be invested in the shares of U.S. companies, and U.S. Treasury bonds, as opposed to overseas investment options? For all of us, it’s the core question that will determine whether America’s best days lie ahead.

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