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Joshua Topolsky
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Report: Apple dabbling in television technology

Strangely buried inside of an article about Tim Cook’s new challenges at Apple, the Wall Street Journal makes a casual mention that Apple is working on a “new technology to deliver video to televisions,” as well as mulling over the idea to “launch a subscription TV service.” No sources are named, but as usual, the WSJ has “people familiar with the matter” on hand to deliver the goods.

We’ve heard rumors for some time that Apple has been dabbling in TV tech, and certainly the latest iteration of the Apple TV and its new iCloud-powered features could be construed as an indication that something is afoot, but the way the Journal couches this, it seems that there may be something completely new on the horizon.

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Something cable providers are going to absolutely hate.

The article goes on to suggest that Apple would like in some way to “reinvent” the way consumers pay for and watch television (as the company did with music through iTunes), though only analyst quotes are used to back up the broad statements.

We’re digging for more info at the moment, but the Wall Street Journal has this odd habit of often being right when it comes to internal matters at Apple. Still, given that much of this article relies on analysts — notoriously fallible sources of information — it’s best to proceed with caution.

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