House budget: A political betrayal and a national security disaster

The House Budget Committee has failed in its most essential duty -- providing for the nation’s defense.

Will we pay for the defense we need?

Bipartisan support to fund defense.

Furlough appeals falter: 99.5 percent denied so far

The Merit Systems Protection Board plans to continue hearing the appeals until all 33,000 are adjudicated.


Fairfax is offering new federal rent vouchers for the first time in two years

An increase in HUD funding means more housing-choice subsidies can be distributed to low-income families.


The twisted priorities of a graying nation

(John Hart / AP)

How Obama and the GOP are strangling America.

Defending defense spending

Will Congress reform the Pentagon AND adequately fund it?


Obama’s shift from ‘mindless austerity’ derided by GOP as ‘envy economics’

(Andrew Harnik / For The Washington Post)

Obama’s budget proposal is an opening bid that seeks to put his political rivals on the defensive.

As the budget battle begins, what does the GOP have in mind?

Obama’s budget is a non-starter, but what does the GOP have in mind?

How Obama’s new defense budget looks like Reagan’s

“We have little margin left for error or strategic surprise,” Adm. James A. Winnefeld Jr., the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told reporters on Monday.


Commentary: Obama’s budget a mixed bag for small businesses

Commentary: A breakdown of how the president’s proposal and the ensuing debate may affect entrepreneurs.