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Sequester 2013

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Feds’ furlough appeals: A year later, 20,000 still on the docket

Just 44 federal workers who challenged furloughs forced by sequestration cuts have won back pay


Sole Source: Defense research hit hardest in sequestration

Think tank report says contractors of all sizes were hit equally during federal spending cutback.


Bipartisan solutions, not blame, can help in managing Ebola

(Win Mcnamee / Getty Images)

Neither party is at fault for Ebola reaching the U.S., but both can help manage it.

Seize the opportunity to reverse defense cuts

Restoring defense spending should be Congress’s top priority.


Deficit anxiety is not the answer. Here’s what America needs to do

(Lucy Nicholson / Reuters)

Focusing only on the deficit won’t get America where it needs to be.

Obama cries crocodile tears over defense cuts

The president who slashed defense inveighs against defense cuts.


Obamacare’s tax credits are shrinking for some small employers. Thanks, sequester.

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

Some small employers will see their potential tax credits shrink as a result of the federal belt-tightening initiative.

How some budget cuts can actually add to deficits

Cuts for agencies that prevent waste, fraud and abuse can cost more than they save, according to a left-leaning think tank.

Did sequestration cause the Secret Service’s problems?

A House oversight committee examined the issue on Tuesday. Here are two charts that show the agency’s funding and personnel levels.


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