SEC set to force companies to disclose CEO-to-worker pay ratio.

U.S. hundred dollar bills are seen at AYA Bank's money changer in Yangon July 17, 2015. Myanmar's central bank has started a slow depreciation of its kyat currency in an effort to stabilize fluctuations by bringing the official exchange rate closer in line with the market rate, a senior central bank official said on Thursday. The move, effective since Monday, follows suggestions by experts including those from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). REUTERS/Soe Zeya Tun

The streaming giant, already revered for its workplace culture, earns another win for its young parents.

So why is the overall number of women on boards still relatively flat?

Roughly two-thirds of federal managers say it's rare for government workers to be reassigned or dismissed for poor performance.



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Accenture CEO explains why he’s overhauling performance reviews

In this extended interview, Pierre Nanterme talks about why he's changing the way his huge company operates.

IBM is struggling. But former CEO Sam Palmisano says he isn’t looking back.

"If you go through the patterns of mistakes I made, it all came down to speed," Palmisano says.

Misty Copeland’s perseverance

The American Ballet Theatre soloist makes history with Swan Lake.

Several readers said the problems begin with the selection of senior executives.

Goldman Sachs has brought in sleep experts, Google hosts "sleeposium" events and LinkedIn just launched a new program for its workers.

Despite the fact that its own diversity numbers haven't moved much in the past year, Facebook is looking to set an example with its approach.

More and more companies are sorting out how to reply when consumers publicly slam their strategy shifts.

A former Google engineer is getting praise for broaching the taboo subject.

Chip Jaenichen talks about bringing his military leadership style to the civilian sector and what he learned from Attila the Hun.

Much of the "weekend effect" for emotions like happiness and enjoyment can be explained by the quality of a person's workplace.

There may be a strong case in letting teams have a voice in how they're run.

In this extended interview, Pierre Nanterme talks about why he's changing the way his huge company operates.

The revolving door at the top of Silicon Valley companies has ushered in a lot of familiar faces lately.

The firm tells The Washington Post that it will abandon its old system for all 330,000 employees, starting in September.

While episodes like this may show us the worst sides of the political process, they can also show us the best.

Don't feel like smiling at work? Too bad you don't have a job at this Chinese service company.

Judging by the "ask me anything" discussion Steve Huffman conducted Thursday, repairing the relationship with Reddit's users will be no simple task.

It's not the kind of thing you see a CEO do often—much less on an earnings call.

The U.K. prime minister plans to force every large company there to disclose the gap between what their male and female employees earn.

The push for ending the ban came from leaders at all levels of the organization.

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