RideScout, a transportation app, makes trip planning in D.C. a breeze


Your transit options, all on one screen

(itunes.apple.com) - This app scores by combining information for many options, such as buses, rail and Capitol Bikeshare.

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Planning a trip in this town can be a reminder that sometimes there is such as a thing as too much choice. Trying to figure out whether it’s better to wait for the next train or just give in and split a cab can be tricky. Even if you have apps to help you hail cabs, keep track of the Metro and track buses, it’s no fun to move between those apps. Enter RideScout, which pulls information for a variety of transport options. In the District, that includes the Metro and MetroBus schedules and fares, as well as estimates for driving, walking and biking. The app will even tell you how many bikes are still available at the nearest Capital Bikeshare.

And if you’re feeling lazy, RideScout also partners with the taxi-hailing app Hailo and the ride-sharing service Sidecar, although you would need to download those apps separately. Free, for iOS; Android version available in beta.

— Hayley Tsukayama

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