AT&T is already putting DirecTV to use with a new plan that bundles wireless and television content together.

Some are reading a lot into reports that Siri may soon offer voicemail transcription.

Researchers developed a worm that can attack Mac firmware.

After a smooth launch, there are some privacy questions about Windows 10. Here's what you should look for.


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Medical devices are increasingly connected -- and that could have some scary consequences.

"If you fly, we can't," the agency warns.

HitchBot, the robot that had hitchhiked its way across Germany, the Netherlands and across Canada without incident, survived just over two weeks and 300 miles in the United States after being vandalized beyond repair and abandoned on a street in Philadelphia.

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This is the year of the big-screen revival, with major and familiar film franchises driving record audiences back into theaters.

In a letter to NASA and the Air Force, 14 House members said they're concerned about the "rigor" of the probe and the country's reliance on contractors for critical space missions.

Visiting sites about parenting or looking at items like diapers or baby toys is probably enough to tip off advertisers about your family plans.

Soothing game rewards users who turn colorful puzzles to monochrome within a set number of movements.

Free note-taking app can serve as an easy dumping ground for thoughts, or you can tag and categorize them.

In sharing the good news that they're expecting a baby girl, they also discussed their tragic experience with miscarriages.

New report says the government is unaware of the "full extent" of commercial uses of facial recognition tech.

Getting a new console doesn't mean having to start over -- at least in "World of Tanks"

It may not seem like the ideal family vacation, but some families have made it just that.

It's game on for major video game console makers, all of whom reported strong numbers for their most recent quarters headed into the busy fall and winter buying season

The group said it experienced a "wide scale distributed denial of service attack."

Obama's supercomputing moonshot.

Facebook released a video explaining its Aquila long-endurance aircraft that aims to circle regions for up to 90 days providing internet connectivity to communities in remote locations.

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Google warns that giving France what it wants could lead to global censorship.

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