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Is Amazon working on an AppleCare-like service?

By Tom Cheredar |,

Online retail giant Amazon’s next big business move may be in launching a new extended warranty business for high-end electronics, according to information in a recently filed trademark application.

The patent application’s specific purpose is to gain a trademark on the “Kindle” line of products. But as Gigaom points out, Amazon’s  description states that the Kindle name could be applied to not only its own line of e-readers and tablets, but other devices as well.

Specifically, the trademark application states that the Kindle could be used for the following services:

It makes sense that Amazon would want to provide an extended warranty service for its own products, much like Apple provides with its AppleCare plan. Customers spend a few hundred dollars more to ensure that they can continue using their devices regardless of if they break. Often times customers don’t need to use the warranty, which means the company (Apple, or potentially Amazon in this case) would essentially be bringing in pure profit.

And with the large amount of consumer electronic items Amazon sells on its site, it would also make sense that the company would be looking to launch an overall warranty plan that’s more in sync with what Best Buy offers its retail customers.

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