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Amazon Web Services outage hits Reddit, Airbnb, imgur

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No, Mitt Romney didn’t show up to do an Ask Me Anything.

Another Obamaesque, high-profile Q & A would be a great explanation for site problems at Reddit. But there’s a far less exciting reason for why it’s been tough for some users to get to the site. Reddit, Airbnb and Imgur on Monday were been affected by a hiccup at Amazon Web Service’s servers in northern Virginia.

Erik Martin, Reddit’s general manager, confirmed that the downtime appears to be the result of a “Amazon issue.”

Amazon’s own service dashboard shows that a “small number” of its storage units are having “degraded performance.” According to Compuware’s Outage Analyzer, at least 60 domains may be affected by the outage. The others include Mojang games Minecraft and Scrolls.

The sites aren’t down for all users, but enough people are having problems for the jokes to fly about productivity going up across the country.

“Reddit is currently down,” came a tweet from PBS Digital Studios. “In other news, global productivity today has soared by 5000%.”

An AWS outage in July took down sites such as Netflix, Instagram and Pinterest after a major storm hit the Washington region.

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