Android bug ignores December dates

KEVIN LAMARQUE/REUTERS - A Google homepage is displayed on a Motorola Droid phone in Washington August 15, 2011.

An Android bug that surfaced a few days ago is getting increased attention Monday, as Google tries to fix a problem that’s preventing users from inputting December birthdays and anniversaries.

The glitch, which affects Google’s “People” application, showed up with the latest version of Android’s Jelly Bean system, 4.2. The dates offered up in the “Events” menu moved straight from November to January, preventing people from noting special events in the last month of the year.

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A fix or two has been offered up for the bug.

For one, the bug doesn’t affect the calendar itself, so users are able to add meetings, dinners, parties, etc., to their schedules through that channel. Users on forums have also noted that switching the language on affected devices to Chinese or Japanese, setting the date and then switching it back fixes the problem, too.

Google is, of course, also working on a fix. So if you think you can hold off adding December birthdays and anniversaries to your address book for a little longer, the company should provide a solution soon.

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