Apple says it will livestream today’s event; ‘iPad mini’ expected

Apple hasn’t live-streamed an event in more than two years, but the company has announced that it will be sharing today’s expected launch of an iPad mini live, with the world.

Or, to be more precise: live, with the Apple gadget world.

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Those interested in the event can watch over Apple TV or through Apple’s Web site, provided they have the right Apple devices. To watch online, viewers have to have Safari 4 or later for Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later, or the Safari browser on iOS 4.2 or later. To watch on the iPhone, you must have or update to iOS 6.

The tech giant used to stream events live with some regularity, but hasn’t done so since October 2010. Instead, the company has taken to posting the full launch events after they’ve wrapped, though it did live-stream a speech that chief executive Tim Cook gave at the Goldman Sachs Technology conference in February.

If you want to watch, but aren’t sure about your technology, it’s easy to check out. To see your operating system version on the iPhone, head to the Settings menu, then go to “General” and “About.” Your build of iOS should show up next to the word “Version.”

If you want to update your phone’s operating system to iOS 6, head to the “Software Update” menu in the General settings pane, though you should know that updating will add several programs to your phone, including Apple Maps.

To check the version of Mac OS X you’re running, go to the Apple menu and select “About this Mac.”

Once all that is squared away, head to Apple’s event page before Apple starts the show at 1 p.m., Eastern.

Apple is expected to unveil a smaller, 7.85-inch iPad and — rumor has it — may also be taking the wraps off of new Mac Minis, iMacs, a new MacBook and a refreshed iPad. None of that has been confirmed, however, and Apple is known for always having some surprise up its sleeve — as it did today with the livestream announcement.

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