Facebook’s mobile shopping spree: First Instagram, now Tagtile

April 16, 2012

Facebook has acquired another mobile startup Friday, just in time for its roll out of Facebook Offers. The company, Tagtile, focuses on customer rewards and mobile marketing.

Tagtile’s helps physical stores connect to customers over the smartphone. Businesses install a small Tagtile cube, which customers tap to gain rewards points and discounts. Customers must download the Tagtile app (available on iPhone and Android), which then records the points and pushes marketing material based on stores they visit. The box also provides data to the business to help them find out what marketing efforts actually work, as well as how many people are using the service.

The company will run its normal service for the time being, thought it will no longer accept new business. Tagtile also notes that its service will one day shutter since “Tagtile as it exists today won’t be part of what we do at Facebook,” according to a post by the company. It seems the team does hope to be able to expand the product within Facebook, however, and “do it on a much, much bigger scale that we could have on our own.”

Facebook released its Offers product today, which allows customers to purchase deals directly from the news feed. These can be redeemed using Facebook’s mobile app at the store. Whether Tagtile’s technology and team will be integrated into this area of Facebook commerce remains to be seen.

The social network also recently acquired mobile photo app Instagram for $1 billion. The company is rightfully getting more focused on its mobile front. Terms of the Tagtile acquisition have not been released, however.

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