Google: Expect your Nexus 7 soon

Did you pre-order the Nexus 7? Then you can expect it on your doorstep soon. Google said Wednesday that it will ship all U.S. preorders by Thursday.

There are some catches. If you ordered your Nexus 7 with something else — a case, an extra charger, etc. — then your tablet will have to sit out this first round of shipments. Also, if you ordered a 16GB Nexus 7, Google will only fill orders filed by July 11 in this first round.

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Not that you’ll have to wait too long for your order, even if you did add to it.

“If you ordered your tablet with a case, charger or Nexus Q, your Nexus 7 will ship this week with overnight shipping, in some cases ahead of the rest of your order,” Google said. “But don’t worry, the rest of your order will be on its way soon.”

International customers in Canada, Great Britain and Australia will have their 8GB orders ship by Friday, if not earlier. Those who want 16GB tablets will get them within the next two weeks.

The Nexus 7 has already received a new Jelly Bean update — Android 4.1.1, for those of you keeping track — which adds Google Wallet to the device and is also supposed to make things move a little snappier.

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