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Google Now, Google’s effort to automate your life, may be coming to Chrome

By Matt Marshall |,

Google Now, the search engine giant’s handy Android smartphone feature that helps automate your life by giving you an easy peek at things like traffic conditions, weather reports, trip departure reminders, and restaurant dish recommendations, is apparently now coming to the Chrome browser.

So far, Google Now has been accessed when you swipe upwards on your Android smartphone. But it hasn’t been distributed anywhere else, including on your desktop.

But Saturday reports started pointing to evidence that Google Chrome team programmers have accepted the addition of a “skeleton” for Google Now for Chrome, an early step in a larger project to show Google Now notifications in the Chrome browser. CNET reported the news here.

Of course, by making Google Now available in the Chrome browser, Google is making sure that it can reach as many users as possible. Chrome can be downloaded as a browser on most operating systems.

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