Instaplayer: Instagram releases new iPad app to create animated, musical slideshows from live Instagram feeds

December 14, 2012

You may not be able to get Instagram photos inside Twitter, but at least now you can have them on your iPad. And your TV. With music. And … in a slideshow.

Instagram just released its new Instaplayer app to the iOS app store. The iPad app includes an animated gallery of everyone’s photos, your photos, or the photos of those you follow on Instagram. Included for free is the ability to stream a slideshow to your iPhone — although why you’d want to do that when you already have it on your iPad I’m not sure — or any TV connected to an Apple TV device.

You can also curate your stream with up to four filters by entering locations, hashtags, or users, and watch new photos appear in a printed-by-Polaroid-style animation. I can totally see this happening on a massive screen at a party, event or conference — all photos with the conference hashtag would automatically stream up.

Unlocking this functionality, however, which Instagram calls InstaRemote, will cost you the princely sum of $0.99.

You can also add sound via another $0.99 upgrade — Instagram has included a “vintage music player” that allows you to add a soundtrack to the photos with either a cassette player (on iPhone) or reel-to-reel (on iPad) music player. Which essentially gives you animated, musical slideshows with Instagram photos.

I’ve downloaded it, and it’s gorgeous. But there’s one problem.

Instagram’s servers appear to be overloaded right now, and I’m not able to sign into my Instagram account on the app … so I can’t try and test the new filtered, curated views.

I’ve asked company representatives for a comment on the issue, and will update this when and if VentureBeat hears back from them.

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