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Wii Mini from Nintendo is a Canada-exclusive

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Nintendo is launching a smaller Wii, but only for our neighbors to the North. At least for now.

The company confirmed rumors that it is introducing a new, smaller Wii for $99.99 as a Canadian exclusive Dec. 7. In a news release, the company said that the smaller console does not have Internet connectivity and cannot play GameCube games, making it very focused on family gameplay.

The Wii Mini will be able to play 1,400 titles from the Wii and will come with a Wii remote and nunchuck controller. Nintendo has not yet released any actual dimensions for the console, but its promotional material mentions several references to the new console being considerable smaller than the Wii. The Wii itself is around 8 inches long, 6 inches wide and two inches thick, without the stand.

The new console loads from the top of the device, which is matte black with a red border. The Wii Mini also has parental controls that let users restrict content based on a games’ rating from the Entertainment Software Review Board.

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