Charles C. Haynes
Director, Religious Freedom Education Project

Senior scholar at the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center, director of the Religious Freedom Education Project at the Newseum in Washington.

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On ‘Thanksgivukkah,’ give thanks for religious freedom

This Thanksgivukkah we can be grateful that in a world torn apart by sectarian conflicts and ethnic divides, the United States stands out as a sign of hope that people can live together with deep religious differences.

75 years after Kristallnacht, anti-Semitism still haunts

75 years after Kristallnacht, anti-Semitism still haunts

‘Never again’ must include taking alarm at warning signs of ignorance and hate, especially among young people.

Coming to the Supreme Court: the politics of public prayer

Government entanglement with prayer always has been and always will be a threat to religious freedom and a recipe for conflict and division.

Is it time to dial back Halloween in schools?

Dialing back Halloween during the school day would send a message of respect for the beliefs and values of many religious parents.