The Washington Post Young Journalists Development Program (YJDP)

The Washington Post Young Journalists Development Program (YJDP)

The Washington Post Young Journalists Development Program (YJDP) offers journalism training and education to local high school journalists and media advisors, and promotes diversity in the media industry through career guidance and mentoring. Join YJDP on Facebook: and follow us on Twitter/Instagram: @WashPostYJDP.

Current and Featured Programs

Cappies Theater Criticism Workshop ‘15

Cappies Theater Criticism Workshop ‘15

Last Saturday, more than a dozen area students from The Cappies-NCA joined The Post’s “Backstage”columnist Rebecca Ritzel for a half-day workshop on theater criticism.  The session included a discussion on setting the appropriate tone when writing a review, crafting a strong lede, tips for closing out a strong review, and more.  YJDP would like to thank our workshop partners, Judy Bowns and Glenda Miesner for their continued support and our excellent trainer, Rebecca Ritzel for not only sharing great tips on being a reviewer, but for also making the session fun and engaging.

Newseum highlights unsung heroes for Black History Month

Programming focuses on stories of the civil rights movement.

Thank you to all of the students and advisers who made it out to the recent Journalism Adviser and Student Editor Seminar (JASE)!

The successful one-day seminar hosted at the Newseum - in partnership with the DC JEA - had an amazing group of 25 students and advisers that worked on skills training in essential journalism techniques including news writing and reporting, multimedia journalism tips and more. This year's seminar was proud to welcome high school students from Eleanor Roosevelt, Fredericksburg Academy, From the Heart Christian School, Paint Branch, Richard Wright, Schools Without Walls, Wakefield and more. Thanks to everyone for participating, to our amazing Post trainers Brad Horn, Phoebe Connelly, Jenna Johnson and Rockville HS adviser, Jessica Nassau. We hope to see everyone again at another YJDP workshop!

Young Journalists Development Program teaches students to report with social media

Students used social media tools in reporting during Fall Tech-It Out seminar.

Student Correspondents - Featured Articles

The D.C. student diaspora

Why 80 percent of college-bound D.C. public school students leave the District to pursue higher education.

Thomas Jefferson High School enhances research capabilities

Thomas Jefferson High School enhances research capabilities

Va. school adds 14 university quality research labs.

When Amazon won’t do the trick

Why independent bookstores continue to thrive in the age of the Internet.

Your local library - a place for reading and a refuge from the cold

On a snowy day in Montgomery County residents find a great environment for learning and warmth at the Rockville Memorial Library.

Theater Critics Showcase with The Cappies -NCA

<a href='' title=''>Theater Critics Showcase with The Cappies -NCA</a>

As part of its ongoing commitment to being a guiding force in cultivating the next generation of young journalists, The Post has established a unique partnership with the Cappies of the National Capital Area, a critics and awards program, designed to showcase the work of talented student theater critics. Corrections or Questions? Contact

Multimedia Storytelling Workshop ‘14

Multimedia Storytelling Workshop ‘14

Twelve high school students from the Washington area participated in the 2014 YJDP Multimedia Storytelling Workshop (MSW), a free, weeklong multimedia journalism workshop hosted at The Post on Monday, August 11 through Friday, August 15. Students worked closely with journalists from The Washington Post to sharpen their skills as multiplatform journalists.