Admissions 101 is moving to Jay’s ‘Class Struggle’ Blog

We are moving Jay's Admissions 101 discussion group, a regular clash of opinions on the college search, to his blog, Class Struggle. Over the last six years Ad 101 has set records for subtlety, erudition, irritation and length. One discussion string on AP vs IB courses hit the 8,000 comments mark and kept going.

Jay will attempt to post a new Admissions 101 topic every Tuesday evening. It is a discussion group, so you will be in control. The comments will be open for two weeks going forward. Jay may, as he has in the past, use particularly lively discussions as column topics. If you need to reach Jay privately, go to

Jay Mathews

Producer’s Note: This forum will now be closed to new comments but all previous discussions will remain on our site as an archive. Go to Jay’s blog to find all his latest questions and posts.

Active Discussions Posts
Admissions 101 is moving to Jay’s ‘Class Struggle’ Blog 0 posts
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Should we let grandfathers like me involve ourselves in the college admissions process? 0 posts
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Why don't selective schools reduce the madness and form consortia that guarantee admission to at least one school in their group to students who meet certain qualification thresholds? 0 posts
Should selective colleges stop recruiting students who have no chance of being admitted? 0 posts
Radical Changes in College Admissions, part two: Cutting merit pay in favor of helping students who need it 0 posts
Radical changes in college admissions: Admission 101 discussants critique the USC report. Part one--Add new places at selective colleges for low-income students 0 posts
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I criticize living at home while doing college in 3 years. Was I wrong? 0 posts
We could eliminate tenure and not increase costs if we paid professors more. 0 posts
Why ultra-selective high schools don’t make our kids better prepared for college 0 posts
Is tenure what is making college not as good as it could be? 0 posts
Can the standard college dorm be saved? 0 posts
Will help us afford college? 0 posts
What are your favorite rejection letters? 0 posts
Should students rebel against hard study over the summer? 0 posts
Is the dream of a three-year college dead for good? 0 posts
How do you decide if a college is teaching well? 0 posts
Is it really worth it to get into a very selective college? 0 posts
Insanely low Ivy League acceptance rate 0 posts
Should we try to limit college merit scholarships? 0 posts
Will a great high school lead to a great college? 0 posts
Are average SAT and ACT scores at a high school a bad thing? 0 posts
Will a magnet high school help your college search? 0 posts
Campus visit debate: which side are you on? 0 posts
Why your comments on Admissions 101 last at least a year. Is that enough? 0 posts
When is Jay going to stop whining about discrimination against IB students? 0 posts
When college admission rates are so low, should you send in applications just for fun? 0 posts
Which school should I accept? 0 posts
Choosing when to attend merit scholarship weekends 0 posts
Should we encourage colleges to cut tuition and stop discounting? 0 posts
Taking the SAT and ACT and starting the college search too early 0 posts
AP vs. IB - the new era 0 posts
The college prep our high schools are not providing 0 posts
About Admissions 101 0 posts

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