Tailgate Zone
Tailgate Zone
Join the fan huddle where you control the conversation.

About Tailgate Zone

Q: So what’s Tailgate Zone?
A: It’s the Post’s brand new discussion group focused on the Redskins. We encourage you to join the group and get your voice out there!

Q: What’s fair game to discuss?
A: Nothing related to the Redskins is too big, too small or random to discuss. We can chat about whether Brian Orakpo is more effective at linebacker or defensive end, rank the best Greg Blache quotes, critique Clinton Portis’s shoes, debate Jason Campbell’s pocket presence, talk about the FedEx Field gameday experience, etc.

Q: Will this be any different than comments on the Post’s Redskins stories or on The Insider?
A: Yes. We think the nature of this forum will allow for a better back and forth dialogue. We will try to focus our discussion topics more narrowly and we think that everyone in the group will have a better chance to get to know each other by filing out a profile. While game stories, columns, investigate pieces and injury updates are great journalism, the Internet is a social place so we want to get everyone involved.

Q: Can I start a new discussion thread?
A: No, but we encourage you to make suggestions of future discussion topics here (I was going to put a link into the discussion topic of future discussion ideas). Matt McFarland, the group’s moderator, will be checking the thread regularly for ideas of what the group would like to talk about.

Q: Is that it?
A: Of course not! We will be tweaking our gameplan throughout the season to try and make this a better, more fun, more entertaining and indispensable place to come and talk about Washington’s most popular sports team. We can’t do it without you, so please join in! — Matt McFarland

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