Your turn: Picking Favorites

Let’s have a poll. As some of you know, I’ve been teaching a course this spring at the University of Maryland on the adventure novel, have written a little book about the creator of Sherlock Holmes (On Conan Doyle), am working on a long essay about supernatural literature, and have an interest in a wide range of literary genres. I’ve read a lot but certainly not everything — and so I’m turning to the collective wisdom of the Reading Room for some suggestions for my own future reading.

1) What is the most exciting adventure novel you’ve ever read?
2) What is the cleverest mystery you’ve ever read?
3) What is the scariest story you’ve ever encountered?
4) The sexiest novel?
5) The best western?
6) The greatest romance novel?
7) The finest historical novel?
8) The best biography?
9) The best work of history?
10) The book you’ve reread the most?

Please share your enthusiasms with the rest of us. Spring has now arrived and it already seems like time to be setting aside a pile of books for holiday reading. I’ll share some of my own special favorites a few days from now.

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