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Dana Milbank: Newt Gingrich needs your help!

Poor Newt Gingrich. He lost his entire senior staff Thursday -- just because he chose to go to the Greek islands rather than Iowa and New Hampshire. But this need not snuff out Newt’s presidential ambitions. America, as de Tocqueville observed, is a land of volunteerism. So now is the time to raise your hand and say what you will do to help Newt continue his campaign. Will you serve as his personal shopper? Provide pro bono service as travel agent? Act as his bodyguard to protect him from glitter and fellow Republicans? Come up with new campaign slogans (”Give ‘em Hellenic!”, or “Newt: Give him a Troy”)? Host cocktails at a Tiffany’s fundraiser?

Join the Help Newt chat at noon and volunteer your services. In the meantime, add your ideas below.

--­­ Dana Milbank

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