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Which Senators player appeared in every inning of every one of the team's three World Series appearances? (submitted by nats24)

Two Nationals players on the 2011 roster were also on the roster during the 2005 inaugural season. One was Livan Hernandez, and the other was ... (submitted by jmach)

Which former Bullets/Wizards player is the franchise’s career leader for most assists per game? (submitted by RIP-21)

Which of the following players did not score a goal for D.C. United in the inaugural MLS Cup (1996)?

The Capitals have had only one 50-goal scorer who was born in the U.S. Who is it? (submitted by Neil Greenberg)

Name the quarterback who led the Redskins to a stirring victory over the Cowboys on “Monday Night Football” in 1987.

Which Nationals player hit for the cycle in the second game of the team’s inaugural season? (submitted by jmach)

Which longtime Cap was traded for the draft pick that turned into Brooks Laich? (submitted by Aaron Pearl)

What were the names of the parking lots at the old Capital Centre?

What was the full name of the Wizards franchise during the 1973-74 season? (submitted by Karl Eisenhower)

What was the final score of the last Senators game in 1971? (submitted by Michael Carney)

Which Redskins player was labeled a “little monkey” by Howard Cosell during a “Monday Night Football” broadcast? (submitted by Karl Eisenhower)

Which of the following players did not score 100 points in a season for the Capitals? (submitted by Neil Greenberg)

Name all the teams the Bullets defeated in the 1978 NBA playoffs, in order:

At what age did Freddy Adu make his D.C. United debut? (submitted by bergamot)

What is the Redskins’ playoff record since the end of Gibbs I (1993)?

In his rookie year of 1974, Joe Theismann had three rushing attempts and 15 ________? (submitted by Rick)

From 1946 to 1949, Red Auerbach coached:

Which of these Washington Nationals relievers has not been selected to appear (as a National) to the all-star game? (submitted by Clifton B)

Who did the Redskins trade to acquire Bobby Mitchell? (submitted by corky james)

Name D.C.'s North American Soccer League team from 1974 through 1981. (submitted by jimward21)

Name D.C. United’s third head coach.

Whom did Norv Turner replace as head coach of the Redskins? (submitted by jimward21)

Three seats painted white in RFK Stadium's upper deck honor whom? (submitted by Fred Herrmann, Rick Tillmann)

What did Dallas's Clint Murchison trade to Redskins owner George Preston Marshall in return for Marshall's expansion vote? (submitted by Karl Eisenhower)

Who hit the first home run for the Nationals franchise? (submitted by Todd Boss)

Whose shoe did Gilbert Arenas defecate in? (submitted by Dos)

Who wore the No. 8 jersey on the Capitals immediately before Alex Ovechin? (submitted by Greg E)

If you subtract Scott Stevens's Capitals jersey number from Dino Ciccarelli's Capitals jersey number, you get the number worn by which current Capital? (submitted by Steven Liu)

Two eventual Capitals head coaches appeared in the movie "Slap Shot." One was Bruce Boudreau. The other was who? (submitted by Glenn Dreyfuss)

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