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Myth or truth: Do former Redskins play better on other teams?

Carlos Rogers: As Dan Steinberg pointed out, “Rogers had six interceptions in his final 67 games in Washington. He has six interceptions in 15 games in San Fran.” The cornerback once known as “Stone Hands” has more picks than DeAngelo Hall (three) and Josh Wilson (two) combined this season.

Andre Carter: The Patriots defensive end earned his first Pro Bowl appearance this season thanks to 10 sacks and 52 tackles in 14 games. With the Redskins, he averaged and 6.9 sacks and 50.8 tackles per season.

Brandon Lloyd: In two years with the Redskins he averaged 12.5 catches for 189.5 yards. In four season since leaving Washington he has averaged 43.8 catches for 698.8 yards.

Ryan Clark: He averaged 70 tackles a year in Washington. In six seasons in Pittsburgh, he’s been good for 76.2 tackles a year. If you remove one season when he played in six games, Clark has averaged 87 tackles a year. And he’s had memorable hits on Willis McGahee, Wes Welker.

Jason Campbell: Threw for 208 yards, 1.1 touchdowns and 0.73 interceptions per game in Washington. In Oakland he has averaged 187 passing yards, 1 passing touchdown, 0.63 interceptions.

Albert Haynesworth: Cut by the Patriots after playing six games. In Tampa now, but not matching his pre-Washington production with the Titans. Has 17 tackles and no sacks in six games.

Donovan McNabb: Failed in Minnesota, was released and isn’t on an NFL roster right now.

Carlos Rogers’s improvement is a punch in the gut to every D.C. sports fan, but success after Washington is far from universal. Plus, the Redskins aren’t the only team to see former players benefit from a change of scenery. Check out the stats of Miami’s Reggie Bush, who is having the best year of his career after leaving New Orleans.

What do you think? Are the Redskins failing to develop their talent? — Matt McFarland

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