How to impose sanctions (stanktions?) on gross-out roommate?

Bringing new meaning to the term “gag order”: “For the most part, my housemates clean up after themselves and their guests, but one roommate seems to have some difficulty cleaning up after himself. Those of us sharing a bathroom on a daily basis have made agreements (at least three times) to take turns cleaning the bathroom. He has been the only one to never honor the agreement.

“I realize different people have different levels of cleanliness (or lack thereof) that they are willing to deal with, but I doubt most reasonable people would find piles of hair on the sink, in the tub, and on the floor acceptable, nor do I think soap residue and toilet bowl remnants (... eww) should stick around when all you have to do is re-flush or wipe down the tub after using it. So, do I bring this up again? If so, how?”

In other words, can anyone recommend an effective method for encouraging uncooperative people to cooperate with house rules? Assume that kicking him out is not an option.

— Carolyn Hax

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