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How will John Beck do against the Colts?

Here’s what Kyle Shanahan thinks of John Beck: “He’s a hell of a quarterback. . . . He’s a talented guy who should be a starting quarterback in the NFL.”

I’m still waiting for Beck’s stats to say the same thing. In his four NFL starts he has never had a passer rating above 76.7. Beck’s preseason stats from 2010 weren’t much better: 20 for 39 for 235 yards, 1 interception and 0 touchdowns.

Is it unfair to hold those numbers against Beck? Maybe. He was on a bad team in Miami as a starter, and was new to the Redskins’ offense last preseason.

But if Beck were ready to show he’s a new man this year, I would’ve expected better reviews from people not named Shanahan. On Monday Mike Jones called him rusty. Dan Steinberg talked on Post Sports Live about a pass that was overthrown by 15 yards. NBC’s Dan Hellie has criticized Beck’s long passes. The Examiner’s John Keim has called Beck’s inconsistency “a little maddening.”

For now, I’m still looking for concrete reasons to believe that Beck can play. I’m guessing Beck completes 13 of 23 passes for 135 yards, with an interception. What’s your prediction?
— Matt McFarland

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