Loving Mom, and solvency too

Fallout from the economy--I’ve received more letters like this in the past few years than I did in the preceding dozen: “Mom has three of us--loving, caring daughters. It is time for Mom to move to an assisted-living facility, and her income is too much for a state subsidy but not enough to cover the cost on her own. We girls and our families will need to pick up the difference. Is it wrong for me to want to split the difference, which will be up to $2,000 monthly, based on each family’s income? Obviously my family has lowest income of the three.

“The other concern is that a more expensive place doesn’t necessarily mean better care and mom is more of a comfort-over-appearances gal. How do I navigate this minefield?”

Anyone have a hunch to play, a story to tell, an experience to draw from?

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