New Year, new threads

Many thanks to everyone in the Reading Room for all the wonderful posts this past week and in all the weeks before. I hope you all have found the holidays relaxing and restorative.

But now it’s time for New Years and New Years always means new beginnings.

So as we start 2012, I want to ask members of the Reading Room to share their ideas on how we might make the forum better, more lively, more topical, more popular. Can you suggest some ideas for threads I could write about? What changes might we adopt? Any sort of recommendation or advice is welcome. I must say that I continue to miss the give-and-take of the live-chat format of years long gone by. It’s far easier to answer questions than to come up with new threads.

In the meantime, please share your thoughts on how, in the months ahead, we might consider reshaping the Reading Room. Or, if you’re content with the current structure and rhythm, please let me know that as well.

And in the meantime, I wish everyone a very happy New Year’s Eve and a wonderful 2012.

Michael Dirda

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