No, You’re Exempt Because You’re Too Important

This just in to the inbox: “What should I do about passengers sitting next to me on a plane who are using electronic devices during takeoff or landing, but hiding these devices from the flight attendants?

“This drives me crazy because the attendants say it affects the airplane’s systems, but I’m not sure how big of a safety risk it is. I’ve seen other passengers turn off their smartphone screens but not power them down when there is an announcement to do so.

“I once asked someone sitting next to me to turn off their smartphone during takeoff (they were listening to music on it), who first told me the phone was in airplane mode, and after I explained that this is okay during flight but not during takeoff/landing, they merely ignored me. Can you give me any help in dealing with this?”

Shirkers, whistleblowers, fraidy-flyers, airline employees, techno-geeks and mere bystanders, what say you all?

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