Prince William County news in brief

Noisy fireworks may frighten your pet, Office of Elections now offers identification cards


Loudoun County animal watch

These were among reports received recently by the Loudoun County Department of Animal Services.


Loudoun County pet adoption

(Loudoun County Animal Shelter / Loudoun County Animal Services)

Dogs, cats and even ferrets in need of homes are available from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter.


Dogs dress up, compete in Thailand

Thailand's annual International Dog Show opens, attracts breeds from all over the world. Pooches compete for titles like “Best Behaved” and “Most Well-Trained” dog.


Wildlife webcams sometimes offer viewers an unflinching look at nature

(AP / AP)

Viewers assuming they’ll see cute animals sometimes watch an eaglet die, a puffin starve, an osprey bleed.


Gentle Labrador turns aggressive, attacks small leashed dog

Dog turns aggressive; environmental contamination; massage therapy; dog becomes agitated while riding.