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Pets: Cats, dogs and animals in the Washington DC area

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Our cats, dogs and other pet friends pets are an important part of our lives. They bring us the joy, laughter, and attachment that we crave as humans. For pure delight, look no further than Animal Views — a weekly take on the best animal photography. Our recent story on pet grief shows how the death of a pet can hurt as much as the loss of a relative. Take a moment to share your own pet photos. Curious about squirrels? Snap a shot and share your squirrel photos with us.


Argentine zoo shows off white tiger triplets

(Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press)

The Buenos Aires Zoo is showing off its latest brood of white tigers — Bengal triplets with piercing blue eyes and a playful attitude.


Rabid cat bites 2 people in Norfolk

Norfolk health officials are canvassing a neighborhood for potential rabies exposure after a rabid cat bit two people.


More vets turn to prosthetics to help legless pets

(OrthoPets, Lindsey Mladivinich / Associated Press)

A 9-month-old boxer pup named Duncan barreled down a beach in Oregon, running full tilt on soft sand into YouTube history and showing more than 4 million viewers that he can revel in a good romp despite lacking back legs.


Prince William County adopt a pet

(Prince William County Animal Shelter / Prince William County Animal Shelter)

Razzles, a high-energy 1-year-old female, is looking for a family.

Tips on finding a pet-friendly rental

Prepare a résumé and references for your dog.


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