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Pets: Cats, dogs and animals in the Washington DC area

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Our cats, dogs and other pet friends pets are an important part of our lives. They bring us the joy, laughter, and attachment that we crave as humans. For pure delight, look no further than Animal Views — a weekly take on the best animal photography. Our recent story on pet grief shows how the death of a pet can hurt as much as the loss of a relative. Take a moment to share your own pet photos. Curious about squirrels? Snap a shot and share your squirrel photos with us.

Why was one ‘Ebola dog’ saved while the other was euthanized?

When it comes to the risks of an Ebola-exposed dog, we’re basically in the dark.

Mini Puts the Paw to the Pedal for Charity

In a new campaign, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is trying to get the word out that shelter dogs make great pets — and with Mini's help, good drivers. Mini of New Zealand has teamed up...


Loudoun County pet adoption

(Loudoun County Animal Shelter / Loudoun County Animal Services)

Dogs, cats and other animals in need of homes are available from the Loudoun County Animal Shelter.


Montgomery County Animal Watch

In separate cases, a girl and two males were bitten by dogs; more information on adopting cats, kittens.


Montgomery County Adopt-A-Pet

(Montgomery County Animal services / Montgomery County Animal Services)

Dee Dee — a 2-year-old, tortoise-shell, domestic-shorthair — is looking for a home.


D.C. adopt a pet

(Washington Humane Society / Washington Humane Society)

Pumpkin Spice,10-month-old American Staffordshire terrier mix, is available for adoption.


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