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Which D.C. law firm is mentioned in the first episode of "Ally McBeal" as the firm where Ally’s childhood sweetheart Billy Thomas worked prior to joining the Boston firm where the show is set?

In 1941, this company became the first official hotel chain in the country:

Which company registered the first .org Web domain?

At the end of the third quarter, 10.2 million people in Latin America relied on this company for mobile phone service.

Which international company started out as a root beer stand in Washington D.C.?

How many objects are in the Smithsonian’s collection?

This credit union was established with seven members contributing $5 each:

Which local firm has a fountain in its front lobby with 20 floating rubber ducks?

This company develops the only vaccine against anthrax infection that is licensed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Which bank has posted 141 consecutive profitable quarters stretching back to 1976?

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