Red, blue and green

An ethics entrée, with a side of Zeitgeist: “I am an unemployed 22-year-old who might have FINALLY found a job. The problem? It is with a really right-wing organization whose principles and work I find pretty reprehensible (I didn’t apply for it, it was found for me by a friend of a friend). I would be doing assistant work, so not really contributing significantly to the evil empire, but I really hate the idea. Would I be crazy to turn down a good salary, benefits, etc., in this market because of principle? Would I be a bad person if I took it? I also think my mother might kill me.”

Kill you for taking it, or kill you for not taking it? Either way, I think Mom is the least of your worries, but let’s see what everyone else has to say.

— Carolyn Hax

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