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Should the Redskins select more than one quarterback in next year’s draft?

I think we can all agree the Redskins have to draft a quarterback in the first round. But with both John Beck and Rex Grossman on the roster, the franchise is better off picking two.

We’ve seen this season that neither Grossman nor Beck is the answer, so why keep them around? The Chicago Bears are currently learning the importance of having more than one qualified quarterback. A season destined for the playoffs is unraveling because back-up quarterback Caleb Hanie is overmatched against NFL defenses.

Another benefit of drafting multiple quarterbacks is protecting against the likelihood of a young quarterback flopping. College quarterbacks are notoriously difficult to evaluate so drafting more than one improves a team’s chances of finding the next Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady.

Oklahoma’s Landry Jones may be the best prospect left on the board when the Redskins pick in the first round. Jones also might be the next Matt Leinart. So why not take Arizona’s Nick Foles in the third or fourth round. If Jones flounders, Foles can step in and try to prove himself.

Stockpiling quarterbacks is a winning strategy. The Panthers weren’t afraid to roll the dice on Cam Newton a year after they selected two quarterbacks, and it’s paying off now.

Would you like to see the Redskins target more than one quarterback in next year’s draft? Or are there too many needs elsewhere? — Matt McFarland

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