Something stinks, and it’s not his socks

“Been dating a guy I met on a dating site for almost three months now. He comes to my place 4 to 5 days a week (spending weekends at my place), treats me like a queen and has been the most caring and attentive man I ever dated. He has hinted at a future and told me he was going to ‘write his farewell to the dating site.’

“Well, he never did. I became suspicious the other day when instead of coming to visit me he stayed home to take care of stuff at his place (seemed reasonable). But his texts abruptly stopped during a three-hour window that evening, then picked up again at 10:00 that night. Told me he was washing clothes, but intuition told me he was on a date.

“So I reactivated my expired online profile and saw his was still active--and, his profile was improved to include a phrase from my original profile!

“I will be talking to him about this when I see him next, but am I crazy for just totally dropping him at this point? It this even something that would be excusable since we didn’t officially have the ‘exclusivity talk’?”

Okay, everybody--make a case for or against an automatic breakup here.

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