Surprise! It’s a potential deal-breaker!

A man with a spare condo and an interesting problem: “Four months ago, my fiance, ‘Dan’ moved into the condo I own. We have been getting along great.

“A few days ago I received a text that he has a surprise for me, asking me to meet him out after work. After ordering a drink he proceeds to tell me he bought us an efficiency apartment in a high rise ... in the city we already live in (already closed the deal and had the keys several days before). He said thought it would be fun to have a place downtown on the weekends.

“I am really upset for many reasons. First, in my opinion, we don’t need a second place to live in the same city. Second, the condo fees are so high, we would never be able to rent it out for even close to the monthly expenses (so not a good investment), and it is too tiny to live in. Third, I wanted to get the condo we live in paid off in five years, for security in this economy ... now that’s not going to happen!

“Most of all I am upset because we are going to be sharing our lives (and finances) and this decision affects me, yet I wasn’t included in it. Not to mention he obviously hasn’t been honest about how he has been spending his time. Am I crazy, or has he totally betrayed me?”

So - where does he go from here?

— Carolyn Hax

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