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Titanic: 3D movie meets historical underwater mystery

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At the 100th anniversary of the the Titanic’s historic sinking is commemorated in 2012 by the re-release of the popular movie in 3D (the movie review) about thos events. Here’s a look at actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio then and now. The anniversary also brings up lots of opportunities to check out the real-life artifacts of Titanic brought up from underwater. There is also lots of interest in James Cameron’s dive to the bottom of the sea.


Colts ready to defend 1st division title with Luck

(Frank Franklin II, File / Associated Press)

Chasing the Indianapolis Colts never has been easy in the AFC South.


5 free things to see in Belfast, Northern Ireland

(/Peter Morrison, File / Associated Press)

Belfast may seem an unlikely destination for tourists, associated as it is with the Troubles. But the city has been transformed in recent years and is now a cosmopolitan place with plenty to see and do, much of it free.

Street Smart: What to do at the Southwest Waterfront

Long a neglected and underutilized area of Washington, the Southwest Waterfront has become the next big thing.


Delaware lawsuit over school experiment proceeds

A Sussex County judge has refused to dismiss a lawsuit filed against the Indian River School District and a teacher following a classroom experiment gone bad.


‘Deepsea Challenge 3D’ movie review: James Cameron’s underwater adventure

(Mark Thiessen/National Geographic via Associated Press / AP)

From James Cameron, a documentary about his voyage to the bottom of the sea.


George W. Hilton, professor and author of history of ‘Ma & Pa’ railroad, dies at 89

(Baltimore Sun / Baltimore Sun)

The retired professor and economist wrote 15 books, mostly about transportation and shipping,


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