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Titanic: 3D movie meets historical underwater mystery

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At the 100th anniversary of the the Titanic’s historic sinking is commemorated in 2012 by the re-release of the popular movie in 3D (the movie review) about thos events. Here’s a look at actors Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio then and now. The anniversary also brings up lots of opportunities to check out the real-life artifacts of Titanic brought up from underwater. There is also lots of interest in James Cameron’s dive to the bottom of the sea.


Romney 2016? Nooooo!

(Charles Rex Arbogast / AP)

Please don’t give him another shot to blow it.

‘Love Is Strange:’ A gay couple choose to live apart rather than make waves in director Ira Sachs’ film

On one hand, “Love Is Strange” is a quiet love story about a longtime couple heading into their golden years. On the other, “It’s like ‘Titanic,’  ” director Ira Sachs says.

Washington, D.C., boundary tour: our 40-mile walk along the District border

We put D.C.’s walkability to the test by walking around it (literally), hewing as closely as possible to the borders without ending up as road kill.

Street Smart: What to do at the Southwest Waterfront

Long a neglected and underutilized area of Washington, the Southwest Waterfront has become the next big thing.


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