The Style Conversational
The Style Conversational
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Watch Your Pthep, Vol. 8: Talk to Pat the Perfect About Languagey Stuff

As the Style Conversational takes up residence in this all-new Washington Post discussion group format (yet with some of the cozy irritations of our old haunt), the Empress’s longtime alter ego Pat the Perfect hosts an ongoing discussion of grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation, headlines, funny or embarrassing things in the newspaper, the mating habits of the sea anemone, etc.

We’d filled up seven threads over the past two years, and so we’ll start here with Vol. 8. Before taking early retirement from The Post at the end of 2008 to resort to pure Empressation, Pthep spent 26 years on the Style section copy desk, and used to be the go-to grammar person on Gene Weingarten’s online chat, before he forgot all about her. She’ll drop by regularly to take questions. If you’re on deadline and need an immediate grammar call, try

— Pat Myers

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